Sugar scrubs are typically considered gentler than those made from salt. Sugar scrubs contain glycolic acid, which is crucial for healthy skin and protection against harmful toxins. Sugar scrubs do not clog pores but instead protect against moisture loss.

Our sugar scrubs contain almond or coconut oil and a few drops of an essential oil help exfoliate dead skin cells and bringing out a healthy, natural glow to the skin promoting circulation while boosting lymphatic flow and encouraging cleansing of the body.

1. Apply a thin layer to the skin. A sugar scrub is best applied warmed onto damp skin
2. Massage the sugar scrub into the skin gently and then leave in place for 3 to 5 minutes. The slightly grainy texture will help to remove dead skin cells, leaving behind healthy glowing skin.
3. Rinse off. If not rinsed properly, sugar may leave a sticky residue on the skin.
4. Apply a moisturizer to the skin to finish hydrating and prevent over-drying.