A visit to the spa makes one envision being pampered with special body massages, luxurious baths or soaks and highly nourishing facials. With so many varieties of products to choose from, one will be spoilt for choice. The best option would be to go for natural body treatment programs using high quality ingredients derived from Mother Nature.

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The effect will be felt almost immediately; your well being enhanced, reduced stress, your mind body and soul recharged. Lastly the yin and the yang energy of your body, skin health, and beauty is balanced and maintained. Which brand name in the spa world can meet up to such a tall order?   Look no further as at Casandra Havelock Spa products, we offer you a wide medley of  treatments for healing, beauty as well as massage therapy to renew your body and skin with the fusion of Indonesian, Thai and Asian traditional herbs and natural plant extracts.

Come and let your skin undergo the ultimate spa journey with us! Discover and revel in your skin’s true beauty and potential with our ‘East meets West’ secret blends. You will be truly transformed using our age old secrets from the ancient Thai and Indonesian royals infused in our products. There is a saying “Have your cake and eat it too, the same goes for our products. You can literally have a taste of any of our products if your wish! Rest assured, Cassandra Havelock Spa Products guarantees good health and satisfaction to all our clients.

Being an ethical minded company, we stand firm against animal testing and support efforts made to minimise use of chemical ingredients in all our products. We also exclude the use of polluting processes via modifications in order to preserve our environment and do our part to help planet Earth.

For all our body treatment programs, we follow a specific sequence to ensure you enjoy the maximum benefit, regardless of which type of treatment is chosen. We start off with different varieties of aromatic footbath with salts, followed by body massage treatment of your choice. Next is body exfoliation using a range of different varieties of traditional herbal scrubs. After that, you are treated to a calming body therapy using a combination of pure plants extracts and essential oils. This therapy relaxes the skin, regulates the skin’s moisture level and subsides any irritation, redness, tingling as well as tightness. Another added benefit is that the skin is protected against environmental damage.

The body spa adventure does not stop here. You will then be immersed in a warm scented flower petal bath to refresh and invigorate your senses. Our secret blend of moisturizers with aromatic essence will then be applied in generous amounts to your skin leaving it velvety smooth and radiant.

Alternatively, you can choose to embark on a journey to sensory heaven in the comfort of your own room anywhere in this world with our Asian Spa in a Bottle products.  What is missing is someone dressed in a traditional batik sarong to convince you that you are about to experience a touch of Asian world-class spa treatment the minute you pop open the bottle!

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