Our shampoos and shower gels, also known as body washes, are non-soap cleansers containing mild and gentle surfactants, Cocamidopropyl Betaine ( derived from coconut ) and Decyl Glucoside ( naturally derived fatty alcohols from coconut oil and glucose from corn starch ),

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that contains all natural foaming action that does not bubble and foam excessively but will do its job of cleansing without stripping skin and hair of most of its natural protective moisture, like some of the other harsh products do, to gently remove dirt, dust, pollution and bacteria while leaving more of your natural oils and protective moisture behind making your skin and hair less drying to provide the ultimate shower experience leaving your skin and hair feeling soft, cleaned and smelling great with the natural theurapetical benefits from our aromatheraphy essential oils along with its gentle natural fragrance.

There are NO potentially dangerous chemicals, synthetic ingredients and other non-toxic questionable ingredients in our products like the dreaded Sodium Lauryl / Laureth Sulfate  ( SLS/SLES ), Dioxane, Parabens, Propylene glycol, Diethanolamine or DEA, Fragrance and Triclosan as they are made without animal products or animal testing.

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