Milk baths have been around for centuries. Rumor has it that over two thousand years ago, ancient Egyptian Queen of Beauty, Cleopatra took luxurious milk baths to maintain her notoriously supple skin and preserve her youthful looks.

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We have 2 types of milk baths – dairy milk based and vegan milk based.

We have added Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate ( SLSA ), a high foaming, viscous surfactant which is milder to the skin than Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ( SLS ), known for its potent and harsh characteristic, to create lots of bubbles. It has excellent hard water tolerance and prevents precipitation of hard water calcium deposits preventing an ugly bathtub ring from forming on the sides of your bath tub.

For our Milk baths with Rose, we have used Rose fragrance oil instead of the super expensive rose essential oil for a captivating rose scent in our Rose Bubbling Milk Bath.

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