What’s Good For Baby Camels Could Be Good For Human Skin.

Camel milk is a natural source of age defying Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids known for its ability to plump skin and smooth fine lines. It naturally keeps the skin moisturized and prevents sign of aging, sun damage and pigmentation with its gentle exfoliating and lightening effect. Rich in Vitamin C, 3 times more than cow’s milk, it increases collagen production and improves skin resiliency. It is rich in Vitamin A, which stimulates cell turnover, and vitamin E which protects the skin against cell mutation in the sun and pollution. Camel Milk is a natural source of Essential Fatty Acid Linoleic known for moisture retention. The deeply moisturizing lanolin in camel’s milk provides a calming and soothing effect on the skin and is beneficial for all skin types, even the most delicate and youngest skin.