A nice way to monitor the healthiness of your baby’s skin is through baby massage.  It gives you an opportunity to go over the entire surface and to check for dryness or chafing.  As your baby grows and undergoes developmental changes, baby massage can help ease transitions.

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It provides many emotional and physical benefits for your growing baby to:

  • Calm baby when he or she is upset or fretful—massage has been shown to reduce the circulation of the stress hormone cortisol in the bloodstream
  • Increase baby’s sense of well-being — massage has been shown to stimulate endorphins, which can lift your baby’s mood
  • Ease gas and constipation — stroking baby’s tummy can help disperse air
  • Release tension caused by, for example, teething
  • Relax baby’s arm and leg muscles
  • Helps baby develop a close and trusting relationship with you

We have 2 types of massage oils in this range – traditional baby massage oil and baby massage candles. If you don’t have a baby, this makes a wonderful massage oil for anyone including adults, especially those with sensitive skin.

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