Bathing Your Baby 

Babies are surrounded by amniotic fluid in their mother’s womb, which makes them comfortable around water. However, after some time, most babies forget about this watery sensation and may become apprehensive about water. Bathing an infant provides important psychological benefits between parent and child and is an important part of keeping her/him healthy.

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Ironically, bathing can also provide an opportunity to damage baby’s skin as it is 5 times or 30% thinner than an adults and needs very gentle treatment. More than 1 in 3 babies – 37 % of boys and 33 % of girls – now suffer from sensitive skin. Most are bathed at least once a day, 1 in 5 “every other day” and only 19% the recommended ” 2 or 3 times a week.”

Most Pediatricians recommend a full bath 2 to 3 times a week or every other day are enough for a newborn since newborns don’t get very dirty except for drool and diaper changes, as too frequent bathing during the first year of life, removes the natural oils that protect baby’s skin leaving skin dry, unprotected, leaving baby’s skin vulnerable to cracking and peeling and may also aggravate  eczema. Limiting them to 3-4 baths per week instead of daily, can allow baby’s skin more time to build up its natural defenses which is a very effective protective substances. Use mild soap to wash baby’s face, neck, hands, underarms, the diaper area and bottom carefully each day. A wash with a warm, wet cloth will help keep your baby clean between baths. Use soap and shampoo at the end of the bath to prevent your child from soaking in products that cause skin to dry out. Wash skin gently. Scrubbing can irritate skin prone to eczema.

As baby’s skin generally does not get very dirty, maybe just to remove a little “excess” substances like remnants of old cream or soiling from urine and feces which can cause the delicate skin barrier to break down, leaving it prone to redness and discomfort if it is not washed off properly. A mild cleansing gel, shower jellies or gentle mild creamy  bath soap  for bathing are all that they need.  You can add a fragrance-free bath oil if you wish. Avoid bubble bath, antibacterial and perfumed soaps as they may irritate your baby’s skin.

All our baby, toddler and children’s body washes and shampoos are mild and gentle as they have been specifically formulated for delicate newborn skin with natural and gentle ingredients to produce an ultra-mild bath wash which helps to remove impurities yet doesn’t strip the natural oils from your precious ones skin and helps to maintain a healthy skin barrier, and can help protect against the onset of skin conditions while keeping  it moist and protected.  They are pH balanced, alcohol-free, dye-free. If the pH level in baby skin gets too high, bacteria is able to grow and causes the skin to break down. We have chosen to use natural colorings from plants instead of chemical colors and dyes. We have 5 types of gentle washes for babies – 3 types of Baby washes, 1 shower jelly and 1 type of bubble bath.

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