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Who is Cassandra Havelock?

Being an animal lover, I started my goat raring venture in Kuching, Sarawak 2001 as a hobby with the help of my uncle Fred Lee. We maintained our goat-keeping business for the next 15 years gaining a wealth of goat-keeping experience first-hand. As I’m extremely squeamish about slaughtering our beloved male goats to earn a living, we switched to dairy goats as our more humane solution to earn a living. We sold off our entire herd of 100 meat goats & imported our first air shipment of 28 adult dairy goats, 25 of them female goats of advanced pregnancy, from Australia in June 2007.  They all kidded successfully after acclimatizing to our hot, humid weather and local diet and with that the sudden surge of supply of goat’s milk. Being totally unprepared, we were having so much more milk than we could sell off in the market. Buying 9-feet freezers to store the frozen milk soon turned into a nightmare after we started buying our 3rd freezer. A suggestion was made that we venture into the goat milk soap making business, in line with our firm belief in adding value to our products and customers.

I learnt soapmaking, especially the secrets to manufacturing & also more importantly, formulating soaps, from a 3rd generation Italian Artisan soapmaker in Australia. We then embarked on our soap making project. It’s been 10 long years since we first started our soap making journey. During this time, we had successfully created many rare and challenging soap formulations.

I being the more passionate one about soap making since Fred was busy taking care of the goats, I have spread my passion by working with a Sarawak government body to teach soap making to the people living in the interiors of Sarawak. I have also worked with handicapped children as part of my Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) to help them acquire skills which will be useful for them to earn an income.

Our proudest creation is the Sarawak Dabai (Borneo Black Olive) soaps which we are the pioneer in the world to have formulated and created the Dabai soaps. We were approached by Agriculture Research Centre (ARC) who was in charged of launching Dabai as an under utilised fruit in early 2010 to create goat’s milk Dabai soaps. We finally launched our Dabai soaps at the Farmers, Breeders & Fishermen Day in Betong, Sarawak on 31st July 2010. This occasion was graced by Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Pattingi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang and was featured in the Sunday Biz of the Borneo Post on 1st August 2010.

In 2009, we worked closely with Dr. Rita Manurung, the CEO of Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) to formulate special soaps for them namely the Litsara leaf and fruit soaps, various rice soaps and other local soaps. It was during one of the symposiums with SBC as the hosts, that the Deputy Chief Minister suggested we develop the Sarawak pepper soaps using the pepper essential oils. That led to the birth of our Sarawak pepper soaps. Additionally, were also approached by UMS in Sabah to formulate Sabah Seaweed soaps & also Tongkat Ali soaps which we successfully did. Interestingly, we created the luffa goat’s milk soaps to help our local Farmers at the Serian market make use of their abundance of luffa. We buy direct from them, again bypassing the middlemen. Such was our narration of the journey that enabled us to flourish in our soap making business.

The next leap of faith from our mentioned track record came in the form of transcending soaps into all genres of personal care products. Beginning from August of 2011 to date, I ventured exclusively into my passion and quest to formulate, manufacture and distribute natural, chemical free toiletries and personal care products apart from soaps. I am proud to have created a wide range of products covering hair care, skin care, baby care, men care, pet care and my personal favourite, cosmetics. Henceforth, the birth of Cassandra Havelock Creations which offers a wide array of personal care products, as well as health and beauty enhancing, all-natural formulations, of which I am confident to bring to the world.

Our exquisite selection includes camel milk and fruit infused soaps, exotic essential oils and Illipe butter based cosmetics offer by far the most unique concoctions in the market. Our formulations cater to every skin type and condition while unleashing the healing power of nature’s wonders. We stress the importance of maintaining an all-natural concept in every product that bears our name and therefore guarantee quality and purity with uncompromising standards.

Guided by the philosophy of “nature knows best”, we strive to achieve synergetic harmony in each creation of each product. We are certain our products will exceed the expectations of users as our formulations bears the essence of the best nature has to offer.

As gentle as nature,

Cassandra Havelock

Our Mission

At Cassandra Havelock, we believe nature holds the best secrets to health and beauty. We pride ourselves on being able to infuse together the best botanicals the earth has to offer in wondrous synergy to create some of the most desirable formulations in the market. We hold true to the principle of being in harmony with creation, where no chemicals, preservatives, or animal testing takes place in our manufacturing.